Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital — Lakka, Sierra Leone

(doors opened December 2012)

Greatest Goal Ministries closed the clinic in Freetown to open the Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital in the western rural district of Lakka, Sierra Leone.  This was a collaborated effort between GGM and SL's First Lady, Her Excellency Sia Koroma, and former Vice President Solomon Berewa.

Clinical Centre for Healthcare (2009 - 2012)

(Freetown Medical Clinic)

In March of 2009 Lynn Pelton, founder and current President of Greatest Goal Ministries USA arrived in Sierra Leone to oversee the distribution of 120 wheel chairs donated from the United States.

 Knowing that there were many medical colleagues anxious to become involved  in some aspect of medical care, Lynn set up a meeting at the government building with the director of Hospital Services, Doctor Seisay. 

She let it be known that there were audiologists, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, nurses, and lab technicians wanting to assist in Sierra Leone, her question, “how can we help”.  Dr. Seisay’s response nearly knocked her out of her seat.  “You are an answered prayer”, he said. 

Lynn was instructed to go to the National Rehabilitative Center (NRC) and look at the compound and existing buildings.  This was the original site of Handicap International who had built the facility after the war.  The compound consisted of a prosthetic center (one of four in the country) and a physical therapy center (the only one in the country outside of small centers located in hospitals). 

A building was selected, then Lynn returned home to raise funds and find donated equipment to furnish the clinic.  Funds were sent to the GGM SL team to paint the entire compound, upgrade the electricity and water supply.  Seattle area hospitals and a physical therapy center donated office furniture, exam tables, and laboratory equipment.  In a couple of months the organization was ready to ship two  40-foot containers of medical equipment, supplies, school supplies, and other much needed goods to Sierra Leone.

In early October, 2009 ten health care professionals from the USA arrived in Sierra Leone.  After several  meetings with the Ministry of Health and information-gathering visits to various local government clinics, the US team was ready to open the clinic doors.

The two containers arrived while the team was in the country where everything was off-loaded and set up.  The clinic has three exam rooms and a rudimentary lab with a microscope and centrifuge.  Over 300 patients were seen during the five days the clinic was operated by the US team. 

Currently the Sierra Leone government supplies a nurse to the clinic, a community health officer and a laboratory technician.  GGM USA pays an additional stipend above the government wages.