Greatest Goal Ministries offers

a holistic approach to supporting
Sierra Leone's disabled and underserved



Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital (LDBH): In 2009 GGM opened a community health clinic that provided free medical care, a pharmacy and basic laboratory services. Local community health workers operated the clinic. In October 2012 this clinic closed its doors and re-opened at the Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital in the western rural district of Lakka, just outside of Freetown.


Health System Strengthening:

The Ebola epidemic devastated West Africa from August 2014 - August 2015. In Sierra Leone alone over 5,000 people died of the disease with over 4,000 surviving. Of the survivors, another 500  have died due to complications from the disease. Over 3,000 children were left orphans. The LDBH power grid is now connected to an independent transformer only accessible to the Lakka Hospital compound. Thanks to grants and private donors, GGM was able to construct an incinerator for the LDBH to dispose of medical waste. An Ebola screening triage unit was built and a separate patient waiting and community education center was built. 


Ebola Survivor Dialogue Sessions:  Through a GlobalGiving Ebola grant, Greatest Goal Ministries USA developed a program for healthcare and psychosocial services for Ebola survivors and community leaders. The program was delivered to four affected districts in Sierra Leone and will be offered at the Lady Deborah Berewa Education Center. 


Community Education: The new facility offers the space needed to provide community and staff education classes. These classes were started at our prior clinic. The classes will include basic hygiene and nutrition classes for the community and staff development classes for the GGM staff and local health care providers. GGM is committed to providing quality healthcare as well as becoming a leader in healthcare education.


Medical Sponsorship: Given to those identified as needing medical treatment outside the scope of our facility such as eye conditions and minor surgery. GGM's local staff has developed relationships with many of the local facilities and coordinates care with them.


Disability Advocacy:  The disability advocacy program provides a platform for the disabled to connect, share their stories, and make their needs known to the government. Partnering with local organizations, as well as providing staff to listen to the needs of the disabled, GGM has become well known in the Sierra Leone community as a leader and advocate for disability issues.