Greatest Goal Ministries is grateful to all who choose to walk alongside us as we work toward accomplishing our mission.  There are many individuals, groups and organizations; the following is an incomplete list of all those we would like to recognize for the work we have done together.




Olive Branch International (OBI): "Humanitarian service to the international military community."  OBI is dedicated to serving those who serve in armed-forces uniforms around the world.  Simply put, as a non-government organization, OBI responds to invitations by foreign governmental and military leaders to provide  humanitarian assistance worldwide.  They provide long-term face-to-face, heart-to-heart   care, compassion and concern as they work to prevent or assist in the healing efforts of mental, moral, psychological or physical wounds.


In October 2013 Olive Branch International will start the first hospital chaplaincy program at the GGM Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital. "To build an efficient, open, thriving marketplace that connects people who have community and world-changing ideas with people who can support them."


First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue:  Global Mission Department has provided financial support since 2010.