Greatest Goal Ministries



 "Empowering the disabled and underserved people of

Sierra Leone to reach their full potential through healthcare,

education, disability sports, and disability advocacy"

Pickering Barn
1730 10th Ave NW
Issaquah, WA  98027

Saturday November 1, 2014
Check-in begins at 6:00 p.m.
Proceeds from this event will be used to enhance medical care at the Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital, a free clinic managed by Greatest Goal Ministries in Sierra Leone, West Africa. 
The Ebola crisis has put even greater strain on an inadequate healthcare system that is understaffed because a great deal of medical personnel have either been infected or have fled their jobs in fear. Likewise many Sierra Leone citizens avoid seeking treatment for the most common treatable diseases - malaria, typhoid and cholera, to name a few.  
Your support will help to maintain the current level of care at the Lady Deborah Berewa Hospital as well as fund the infrastructure of Sierra Leone's first cancer care center and only the second in West Africa.

Founded in May, 2007, GREATEST GOAL MINISTRIES (GGM) is a Christian, humanitarian organization dedicated to serving the most vulnerable population of Sierra Leone, Africa - the amputees, disabled, and children affected by its decade-long (1991-2002) civil war.

The war decimated the country, destroying much of its infrastructure.  Millions were displaced, hundreds of thousands murdered.  Thousands were disabled by bullets or by the brutal amputation of body parts by machete and axe wielding rebels.

In 2009, in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health, GGM opened its first free outpatient clinic at the National Rehabilitative Center in Freetown.

In 2013, GGM closed the previous clinic and opened an outpatient hospital in Lakka, just outside the capital city of Freetown.  The building was donated to GGM in a joint effort by the former Vice-president of Sierra Leone, Solomon Berewa and the current First Lady, H.E. Sia Koroma.  The hospital offers the only free outpatient care to the disabled as well as free care to children and adults.  In December 2013 GGM was asked by the First Lady to co-direct the construction of a cancer center and program in Sierra Leone along with the Ministry of Health.  This will be the country’s first cancer center.

Current statistics show that cancer now kills more people in developing countries than malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB combined.  More information can be found on our Green and Blue Ribbon Campaign page.

Greatest Goal Ministries is honored to have been asked to be part of this important project.  In addition to our focus on healthcare we have increased our outreach to the polio and amputee communities as well as other disabled groups by establishing the first disability sports association in the country.



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